Traffic Studies

Working in Southern California for over 36 years, Urban Systems has completed a variety of traffic engineering projects ranging from traffic impact analyses and traffic operation analyses to safety analysis and parking analysis. Our firm has provided transportation planning and engineering from an overall transportation/transit systems perspective incorporating complete streets principals into our designs. We have completed traffic impact studies for a wide variety of land development projects located throughout San Diego, Orange, Riverside, Imperial and Los Angeles counties, including a growing number of mixed-use and transit-oriented projects. We work to recommend mitigation measures that benefit all transportation modes in order to meet performance standards, reduce conflicts, improve safety, address project access conditions, and/or create an appropriate internal circulation scheme.

Urban Systems staff has performed hundreds of traffic operation studies, including both those that are based on additional demand associated with the specialized analyses conducted for intersections and corridors, as well as proposed development. Urban Systems also provides signal systems modeling, CAD support and consulting services, systems modeling, and CAD support and consulting services utilizing the latest software and equipment. Additionally, the firm is highly experienced in providing quality presentations to all levels of decision makers.

Urban Systems has invested in the latest computer and drafting equipment. Our firm uses the latest versions of AutoCad, Microstation, AutoTurn, Synchro, HCS, Passer, Transyt-7f, Trafficware, Sim Traffic, Vistro, Vissim, aaSidra and other programs. In addition, our firm has invested in a state-of-the-art Smart Mobility Innovation Lab, that includes McCain 170/170E, Econolite, Eagle, SEPAC and 2070 controllers and Bi-Tran 2033 systems.

  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
    CEQA Traffic Studies