Traffic Studies

Urban Systems has over 30 years of experience completing traffic studies for projects of all sizes and types. Whether you need an access analysis, parking study or full Traffic Impact Analysis, Urban Systems has you covered.

Traffic and Civil Engineering

Urban Systems has completed hundreds of traffic signal and roadway striping and signing designs for virtually every agency and jurisdiction in San Diego County.

ITS Solutions

Urban Systems has worked with the latest technology to deliver ITS solutions including Adaptive Traffic Control to the San Diego Region.


Since 1980, Urban Systems has been successfully designing traffic signals, roundabouts, striping plans, and detour plans, as well as extensively conducting impact and mitigation analysis for major public works and development projects. Detailed construction phasing, traffic control and construction detour plans for mass grading, sewer lines, roadway, freeway interchange modifications, and staged construction of facilities are regularly prepared at Urban Systems. Our clients have been both public agencies and private developers. More than eight hundred sets of construction plans, estimates and bid packages have been prepared for acceptance in various jurisdictions. Our staff has been designing and/or reviewing these types of plans for over fifty years. We have on staff several licensed Civil Engineers and Traffic Engineers who are the engineer of work for the specific projects requiring this expertise. Two members of our staff have been involved in full time municipal engineering for local jurisdictions, with extensive experience with the City of San Diego. Our staff has had extensive operations experience which brings to our firm functional design experience from qualified engineers able to understand the client's perspective.

Complex traffic analysis, feasibility studies, master plans, environmental impact, and phasing assessments have been prepared by Urban Systems. Our planning efforts include extensive computer forecasting analysis and inputs as well as analysis of regional forecast data. Traffic generation, distribution and assignment; intersection capacity calculations; peak hour calculations, with and without phasing; cumulative and/or project only impacts; link volume to capacity ratio analysis; impact analysis, parking studies, and recommended mitigation have all been regularly prepared for planning documents by our Company. Our company also has experience with Transportation Demand Management (TDM), roadway safety and traffic microsimulation studies.

Urban Systems also has experience providing Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions in the San Diego Region. Our work has included evaluation and installation of Adaptive Traffic Control systems including the Rhythm InSync system. Our firm also has expertise in designing information signs, ramp meter systems, signal preemption, transit priority and many other advanced ITS solutions.

Urban Systems is a CA certified Microbusiness (Certification # 1789917) and is a certified Emerging Local Business Enterprise (ELBE, Certification # 14US1149)