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Signal Operations

Urban Systems Associates, Inc. (USAI) is a state of California certified Microbusiness with our main office in the City of San Diego. Our firm was founded in 1980 and we have 36 years of experience in Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering and Civil Engineering in the Southern California Region. Urban Systems provides specialized consultant traffic engineering services for both private business and government. Our firm offers more than one hundred combined years of engineering, transportation planning, systems analysis, and operations experience in all phases of project planning, development, and management. For the last 36 years, Urban Systems has provided transportation planning and engineering from an overall transportation/transit systems perspective incorporating complete streets principals into our designs. Urban Systems also provides signal systems modeling, CAD support and consulting services, utilizing the latest software and equipment. Additionally, the firm is highly experienced in providing quality presentations to all levels of decision makers.

Andrew Schlaefli, our CEO, is a highly qualified urban transportation engineer, experienced in solving traffic engineering problems in San Diego and throughout Southern California. He is licensed in both Civil and Traffic Engineering in California and Arizona. For the City of San Diego, he directed the City’s Transportation Planning Program. In addition, he managed the City’s Overall Residential Growth Management Program. Prior to that, he was the Urban Systems Division Superintendent responsible for the management of the City’s Capital Improvements Program,
including streets, sewer, traffic control, and other facilities.

Justin Schlaefli, President of USAI, is also a highly qualified engineer with over 16 years of experience in Southern California. He is licensed in both Civil and Traffic Engineering in California. He is also a certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. Working at Urban Systems, he has worked on projects of all sizes and scope solving complex traffic engineering problems. He has experience coordinating projects involving multiple jurisdictions. With ITS experience in ramp metering, changeable message signs, signal synchronization and adaptive traffic control, he has experience in the deployment of the latest technologies.

  • Smart Cities
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Wireless and Fiber Optic Communication Systems
  • Intelligent Transportation System Master Plans
  • Traffic Signal Synchronization
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance & Operations
  • System Networks & Integration Operations
  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems
  • Traffic Management Centers
  • Synchro Simulations
  • VISSIM Simulations
  • Bluetooth Technologies Applications
  • Traffic Signal System Maintenance & Operations
  • System Networks & Integration Operations
  • Design Standard Plans
  • Traffic Analysis & Studies
  • Intersection & Corridor Studies
  • Parking & Circulation Studies
  • Signing & Striping
  • Engineering & Traffic Surveys
  • On-Call Services
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Traffic Management Plans